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We are in the process of switching to a new reservation system and it is taking a lot longer and is a lot more difficult than anticipated.

Many of the sites usually available for booking are saying we are sold out. We have availability! I’m including the link to book on our

website in this post so you can book online.  click here to make a reservation


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North Fork Bed and Breakfast in Lisbon, NY is busy as ever! Check out our Dulcimer Classes!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and with good reason! It’s been busy as ever here at North Fork! Not only do we have a continuous stream of wonderful guests but we’ve been super busy making changes here. As many of you know, I had a tea shop and a bakery. Well, due to allergies that seemed to come out of nowhere, I have had to stop doing the huge amounts of baking I used to do. I’m able to do some, mostly to keep up with my breakfasts. I’m not able to bake dozens of cookies, cakes and various breads like I used to. Also, the tea is becoming a thing of the past. I still have tea for my guests but I’m no longer in the tea business. I have opened my music studio where I’m teaching piano, voice and guitar lessons and I’m loving it! As long as I can remember I have been teaching. I missed it so much! The solution was to open my studio and that’s what I’ve done. North Fork Music Studio . My hope is to also incorporate music into packages for the bed and breakfast. One class I plan to offer is dulcimer class because you don’t need any music knowledge or previous training to play the lap dulcimer. In one weekend which would include a couple of classes, you can learn to play the dulcimer and we even have dulcimers you can purchase and take home with you! If this peeks your interest, just look for the package when you place your reservation on our website

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North Fork B&B in Lisbon,NY Can Finally Update This Blog!

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to update this blog and the reasons make a very long story. Let’s just say that sometimes you have to persavere no matter what! I’m very thankful to WordPress support for all of their help!

North Fork B&B has officially been open now for 15 years as of July 25,2018!! Although there were 2 times over the years I was closed for a bit, I’m very happy to be back for over 2 years now. It’s been wonderful to see familiar guests and great to meet so many new ones. And there is nothing more exciting for me than finally getting back into this blog to bring everything up to date. That being said, please keep checking because I’ll be blogging away and catching everything up! Please do follow my blog when that’s updated.


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North Fork Bed and Breakfast in Lisbon, NY is now open for business

North Fork Bed and Breakfast

North Fork Bed and Breakfast

Thd Finished Product!

The Finished Product!

Maple Scones 2

Maple Scones

To say it’s a long story would be an understatement. A lot has gone on in the recent past but good news is we’re back!! In some ways things are different and in some ways they are the same. The important thing as I said is that we’re open. So, if you’re coming to the north country to take your child to Crane Camp or a college visit, you’re looking for some amazing tea or a place to relax…’s all right here at North Fork. Specialtea Teas is our new tea shop that will be similar to our gift shop but the main focus will be on tea. Baker Road Bakery is on site as well with freshly baked goods for you to purchase to take home. Of course there will be baked goods on our breakfast table and snacks upon arrival as available. We hope you’ll come and see us!

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea Etc.

Lisa has been working on learning all kinds of new things. Since January of 2012, she has been learning about and selling loose leaf organic teas and tea accessories. The gift shop was emptied out to make room for loose leaf teas that can’t deal with the fragrances of soaps and lotions. The soap and lotion making has taken a back seat to baking and tea blending and packaging. The gift shop was moved and attached to the coffee roasterie. North Fork Gifts is now Baker Road Bakery and Specialtea Teas. About a year ago Tim purchased Jernabi’s, a coffee shop, in Potsdam. Lisa now does all of the baking for the shop, runs the B&B and sells loose leaf teas. It’s been a very exciting and sometimes very trying first year of retirement. It has been an unparalelled  learning experience to say the least. During this time the B&B website was also rebuilt and the blogging came to a screeching hault. As I struggle to make a schedule that makes sense and is doable, I long to return to blogging which is why I’m doing this post. So, hopefully, I’m back at it and can keep people informed about the happenings here at North Fork B&B.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Bass Masters Fishing Tournament and hoping to have some of the participants stay with us. Tim and I will both be at the 3 day event. Tim will be selling brewed hot coffee, iced coffee and iced tea. I will be selling baked goods and organic loose leaf tea and tea accessories. So if you go to the tournament, please do stop by and say hello! Look for more blog posts too!

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The Bass Masters Fishing Tournament in Waddington,New York

The Bass Masters Fishing Trounament is coming up. We have availability if you’re looking for a place to stay during the Tournament. You can book your room for this upcoming event right on our website. If you prefer to call that is fine as well. We are a short 10-15 min. drive from Waddington. North Fork B&B is a convenient location for both onlookers and Bass Master Tournament participants. No worries when it comes to parking, we have room for your boat trailer! Check us out at  We look forward to welcoming you to North Fork B&B.

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New website for North Fork Bed and Breakfast/Gifts

We are currently in the process of putting up a new website. It is quite nice and we have a new reservation system as well. It’s very exciting! Be sure to check it out!! If you follow my blog, you know that I haven’t been blogging. I really miss it actually. I love sharing all of the things that are going on. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t blogged. I’m going to do a little catch up today. For one, I retired from teaching. My last day was June 22nd, 2012. There are times that I really miss it. Mostly, I miss the kids. I think I’ll always miss them.

During this time, which is now nearing a year, my husband Tim purchased Jernabi Coffeehouse in Potsdam. I have been doing all of the baking. It’s been quite an undertaking to say the least. It’s also been quite a learning experience. It’s hard to believe that on May 15th it will be one year. On May 18th it will be one year since I decided to retire. I have to say, it’s been quite the journey and one that is still in progress. After a life time of a very structured and crazy schedule, I create my own schedule, or lack there of. This of course, all depends upon the day. I’ve been working on getting my tea out to more places and expanding the number of places I sell baked goods. All of this is a work in progress as I figure it all out. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Here’s hoping there’s still someone out there that is following it. Here’s a picture of a display of tea.


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