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Really Big Show

Tim and I were at the Really Big Show over the weekend. We also had guests for the bed and breakfast. Everyone certainly loves St. Lawrence Valley Roasters Coffee! This weekend it became the focal point of our guest’s visit. They just couldn’t wait for Tim to arrive back so they could buy their coffee to take home. Their favorites were Baker Road Blend and Sumatran Black Satin. My brother had run out of coffee and said it didn’t matter which coffee he got, he hadn’t ever had one he didn’t like. We hear that a lot! Right now the website isn’t up and running so if you’d like coffee you can call 315-250-7650 and place your order. You can also go to www.northforkbedandbreakfastgifts.com where you’ll find a coffee sampler gift basket in our shop. The current coffee list isn’t listed there so I’m going to put it on here for anyone that may be looking to see what we have for coffees.

 FTO Organic Costa Rica La Amistad- nice acidity with lemon notes & chocolate creaminess

FTO Guatemala Huehuetenango- good body with citrus, milk chocolate notes & a hint of smoke

FTO- Peru La Florida- milk chocolate start with creamy lemon tones and a lasting walnut finish.

 FTO Sumatra Permata Gayo- low acidity, rich, syrupy body notes of dark chocolate and berry notes Organic Flores Bajawa Ngura- heavy body & syrupy with dark chocolate notes & a peppery finish

FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe- lemon/orange tones with hints of peach & a floral finish

FTO Ethiopian Sidamo- creamy lemony flavors, smooth clean body with a sweet berry finish

 FTO Peru Royal Select Decaf- smooth with sweet-lemon taste and a creamy, chocolate walnut finish

FTO Sumatra Half Caff- all the goodness of Sumatran, but half of the caffeine, rich

FTO Whispering Pines Blend- a complex full flavoured blend of 3 organic coffees

FTO Mountain Morning Blend- a complex full flavoured blend of 3 organic coffees

 FTO Dark Star Blend-dark roast,wild,fruity,sharp and mysterious

FTO Moondance Blend- rich with full bodyand a chocolate finish,dark roast

FTO Black Stallion Espresso Blend- rich sweet & earthy with traces of fruit and a chocolate syrupy finish

FTO Sumatra Mandheling- fragrant, sweet & earthy with traces fo fruit and a chocolate syrupy finish

Please sign up to follow our blog at our new blogging, gift shop and B&B location. www.northforkbedandbreakfastgifts.com


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North Fork Bed and Breakfast/Gifts

In an effort to put everything in one place, I am moving eventually to the following location. Please go there to see what’s happening.

Due to an extremely busy schedule at work, I have not been able to blog as usual. I’m hoping to be back at it very soon. Our Spring Concert is tonight so I’m hoping to have a bit more time. There’s so much to write!


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Blueberry French Toast and local maple syrup for breakfast at the B&B today. See the recipe at http://www.northforkbandb.net or http://www.northforkbandb.wordpress.com

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Bird House Fun! Bluebirds and Swallows

swallow claiming housethe postWell, as planned, on Monday I spent most of the day putting up bird houses. When I woke up on Monday morning I was pretty sure I saw a Bluebird and that did it! I was out and down to the Amish farm to purchase cedar posts. When I returned I began choosing the places to put the houses. In March I cleaned out all of the existing bird houses but wanted to add more. Seeing that Bluebird motivated me to take action and add more. To the left is the pole after it was put in, before I mounted the first bird house.

swallow going toward house

The first place I put a house was at the back of our yard. There had always been a bird house near there but when we got rid of what used to be the sheep yard, a couple of the bird houses went with it. I was very excitedly banging in the first post when I suddenly heard a noise. It was the flapping of wings and the brief sight of something. As it turned out, a swallow was circling. The circling soon became dive bombing and before I could get the second screw into the post, the bird had claimed the house!  I did manage to get back to secure it with a second screw, thankfully. It was great fun!


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Birdhouse for Robins and Swallows

Today I’m putting up a new birdhouse. This one is for Robins and Swallows. They are both looking for nesting sites and last year a Robin built her nest on top of our wood pile right next to the entrance to the garage. Every time we walked near there or went into the garage, she flew out! The same went for the wood pile. I’m hoping that this new house will encourage nest building in a more humanly suitable spot. For many years the Robins would nest under the pool deck of our above ground pool. Year after year, they came and nested there. When we took the pool and the deck down, I think it left nesting areas up for grabs. Hopefully this house will help the birds out. My plan is to put it up and then keep tabs on it and see if it becomes occupied. This morning I’m just trying to determine the best place for it. Right after breakfast, the first thing on my agenda is to hang that house. I’m then going to get some fence posts and put them up for a couple of other houses I need to hang.

Robin and Swallow Bird HouseThis is the house that I’m going to be hanging this morning. The over hang is what these birds look for in their nesting sites. Hopefully, they will choose this one!

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Three new gift baskets great for Mothers Day just put on North Fork Gifts, check it out! http://ping.fm/drJxl

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Coffee from http://ping.fm/SV6xu and maple syrup from http://ping.fm/ebPb3

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