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Birdhouse for Robins and Swallows

Today I’m putting up a new birdhouse. This one is for Robins and Swallows. They are both looking for nesting sites and last year a Robin built her nest on top of our wood pile right next to the entrance to the garage. Every time we walked near there or went into the garage, she flew out! The same went for the wood pile. I’m hoping that this new house will encourage nest building in a more humanly suitable spot. For many years the Robins would nest under the pool deck of our above ground pool. Year after year, they came and nested there. When we took the pool and the deck down, I think it left nesting areas up for grabs. Hopefully this house will help the birds out. My plan is to put it up and then keep tabs on it and see if it becomes occupied. This morning I’m just trying to determine the best place for it. Right after breakfast, the first thing on my agenda is to hang that house. I’m then going to get some fence posts and put them up for a couple of other houses I need to hang.

Robin and Swallow Bird HouseThis is the house that I’m going to be hanging this morning. The over hang is what these birds look for in their nesting sites. Hopefully, they will choose this one!


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The Lighthouse Birdhouse

Lighthouse Birdhouse

The front of the lighthouse birdhouse

This is the front of my new lighthouse birdhouse that I FINALLY was able to put up. It is in place of my old one. What shoud have taken a few minutes ended up taking the better part of a morning. The old house was so rotted that it literally fell apart as I attempted to take it down. When I tried to attach the new house, the screws from the old one somehow managed to get in the way. This all while standing 6-8 feet up in the air on a ladder! Finally, after the better part of the morning had passed, I was able to get it all attached. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you have seen pictures of the old house. One of my favorites is the picture of the tree frog peaking out of the lower level.

old lighthouse birdhouse

This is the old house but with baby wrens peaking out of the top level. In the heat of the day, the tree frog would peak out of the bottom. I haven’t been able to find that picture but when I do, I will share it.

Tonight I was really excited because in the top of the house is a solar light. It was on and I was able to get a picture of it. I’m also going to share the back part of the house so you can see where the bird will actually enter and exit. I’m hoping my wrens come back again but we’ll see.

The back of the lighthouse birdhouse

The back of the lighthouse bird house

Lighthouse Birdhouse at dusk

The Lighthouse Birhouse at dusk with the solar light on

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