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The flowering crab trees are finally blossoming and how beautiful they are!

The back yard

The back yard is so beautiful this time of year that one can’t help but want to sit outside and take in the sights and sounds that surround us here at North Fork B&B. The cestrels are nesting in the front trees and the wren is back in the lighthouse bird house. The blue birds are all over the place and the humming birds are plentiful. Sitting outside is a treat. A very relaxing getaway for sure!


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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is here for sure! It always amazes me how flowers and green grass can just suddenly appear and appear they did! Usually I’m checking daily for bulbs to be popping out of the ground. This year spring surprised me. Before I knew it, crocus were blooming and the daffodils were out. My flowering crab trees are in full bud and ready to burst forth with flowers.

You can see that these first flowers have come up through all the dead leaves left over the winter to blossom. It always takes my breath away to see the first new spring blossoms. Amazing!
These daffodils are on the south side of the house so they open early.
These are on the east side of the house and are out in the open along a fence. They usually open a few days to a week later but last for a couple of weeks and are quite spectacular. We have many photos of  this spring display which grows each year as the bulbs multiply. My plan is to get a few photos of this to share so check back and see these fabulous flower

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