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Jonathan’s Spoons Spouted Lazy Ladle

Spouted Lazy LadlePersonally, I don’t cook a lot. I love to make breakfast and I love to bake! I’m always up for new recipes for the bed and breakfast. I especially love to bake scones. My all time favorite thing to bake are cookies. I’m not sure why, but I just love baking cookies. I do cook from time to time but I have never gotten the satisfaction I do from baking. Anyway, I have always had a fascination for Jonathan’s Spoons. I just love all of the particular uses that these tools are designed for. We have quite a few of  these in our gift shop and we’ll be adding them to our online store. If you are interested in purchasing them you can email me and let me know. I can process your order. Maybe you’d like to add a spoon to a basket or put some of these with some freshly roasted coffee beans from St. Lawrence Valley Roasters. You can email me at 

Today I thought it would be fun to show the spouted lazy ladle. I must admit, I do like to make soup and this spoon was one I just had to have. The cool thing is that it hooks on to the side of the pan and won’t fall into whatever you’re cooking. The second feature that makes this so awesome is the pouring factor. When you go to serve you don’t have to find another utensil, you can pour right from the spouted ladle. How cool is that? I thought it would be neat to write about this and share it for anyone that maybe didn’t know about it. It’s a great tool to have. As I said earlier, you can purchase them from our gift shop. Currently they aren’t all listed on our website but they will be! Send an email and I can process your order. More information on these forthcoming. Have a great day!


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Back up and running and working on some brand new things!

I have not been able to blog because I’ve been sick. I’m finally able to get back up and running. My apologies for being gone so long.

I’m working on some new and very exciting things. I’m bringing in some new and different products to the gift shop. One product that will be coming in are Jonathan’s Spoons. I’m very excited about having Jonathan’s Spoons in the gift shop. Tomorrow I’m planning on taking photos to show these and talk about them. I’m also working on some new baskets. Some of these will be for mother’s day and some will be for Easter. I will have some new spa baskets in small sizes and some coffee gift baskets. I plan to provide lots more information about all of these but wanted to at least share the new things that are coming up. I will be having local maple syrup for guests to purchase as well as maple syrup to be used in baskets.

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