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Mother’s Day Gift Idea, Small Tote Bags at a Great Price!

We have four of these great gift bags that are a great gift idea for mother’s day. They are approximately 11×12 sized bags and they are five dollars each. They can be purchased in our gift shop. We’ve sold lots of these handy sized totes as purses. They can be used as knitting bags or craft bags as well. They also fold easily so they can be tucked into another bag and used as an extra bag when shopping. Each bag is crafted with handles that are long enough to put over the shoulder but not so long that it’s a struggle to carry them by their handles in your hand. These are great all around bags!

Red BagPlaid BagStriped BagTapestry Bag


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Snow and Lilacs?!? on Mother’s Day!!

Yup, that’s correct. It’s been snowing most of the day here and this morning when I got up there was some snow on the ground! Very weird weather indeed. Had to wear a hat and mittens to walk today. We’ve been very busy here at the B&B. This weekend we had the pleasure of having guests for the Clarkson Graduation. They are from Cleveland, Ohio. Always fun to meet new people.

Congratulations to my nephew for graduating from Clarkson yesterday!! We had a wonderful time celebrating this accomplishment last night.

Lots going on just now. It makes it tough to keep up here. Our Spring Concert is Wednesday with a dress rehearsal Monday, another Tuesday and then, finally the concert. I’m sure it will be wonderful. This time of the year is bitter sweet as I’ll miss the students that are graduating. I’ve had them since kindergarten. Wonderful people. I’m very lucky to be their teacher.

I haven’t had a chance to do much in the way of creating lately

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