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Cold and More Cold

I think some people worry about the cold. It is something to worry about for sure but it is also wonderful. People with allergies get relief and the ground freezes so people can ski anywhere. Snowmobilers can go in more places too. The best thing are the northern lights that often come with the colder weather and the sparkle of the snow. Last night the northern lights were unbelievable! There was one green swath that shot up into the sky like a spot light and the horizon was lit right up with an orangey hue. Seeing something so spectacular was an amazing feeling. I’ll be looking again tonight and trying again to capture it with my camera. My first attempt was unsuccessful. We’ll see what happens…hopefully, I’ll get a shot and be able to share the experience. Right now, I am going to start baking. I’ll be sure to share that!


January 22, 2011 at 9:07 am Leave a comment

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