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Book Online by Clicking the Link on the Sidebar

We are in the process of switching to a new reservation system and it is taking a lot longer and is a lot more difficult than anticipated.

Many of the sites usually available for booking are saying we are sold out. We have availability! I’m including the link to book on our

website in this post so you can book online.  click here to make a reservation


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North Fork Bed and Breakfast in Lisbon, NY is now open for business

North Fork Bed and Breakfast

North Fork Bed and Breakfast

Thd Finished Product!

The Finished Product!

Maple Scones 2

Maple Scones

To say it’s a long story would be an understatement. A lot has gone on in the recent past but good news is we’re back!! In some ways things are different and in some ways they are the same. The important thing as I said is that we’re open. So, if you’re coming to the north country to take your child to Crane Camp or a college visit, you’re looking for some amazing tea or a place to relax…’s all right here at North Fork. Specialtea Teas is our new tea shop that will be similar to our gift shop but the main focus will be on tea. Baker Road Bakery is on site as well with freshly baked goods for you to purchase to take home. Of course there will be baked goods on our breakfast table and snacks upon arrival as available. We hope you’ll come and see us!

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea Etc.

Lisa has been working on learning all kinds of new things. Since January of 2012, she has been learning about and selling loose leaf organic teas and tea accessories. The gift shop was emptied out to make room for loose leaf teas that can’t deal with the fragrances of soaps and lotions. The soap and lotion making has taken a back seat to baking and tea blending and packaging. The gift shop was moved and attached to the coffee roasterie. North Fork Gifts is now Baker Road Bakery and Specialtea Teas. About a year ago Tim purchased Jernabi’s, a coffee shop, in Potsdam. Lisa now does all of the baking for the shop, runs the B&B and sells loose leaf teas. It’s been a very exciting and sometimes very trying first year of retirement. It has been an unparalelled  learning experience to say the least. During this time the B&B website was also rebuilt and the blogging came to a screeching hault. As I struggle to make a schedule that makes sense and is doable, I long to return to blogging which is why I’m doing this post. So, hopefully, I’m back at it and can keep people informed about the happenings here at North Fork B&B.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Bass Masters Fishing Tournament and hoping to have some of the participants stay with us. Tim and I will both be at the 3 day event. Tim will be selling brewed hot coffee, iced coffee and iced tea. I will be selling baked goods and organic loose leaf tea and tea accessories. So if you go to the tournament, please do stop by and say hello! Look for more blog posts too!

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Strong Winds Wreak Havoc at North Fork B&B/Gifts

Well the good weather I recently spoke of  certainly did not last! Strong winds, rain, ice pellets and yes, snow, greeted us yesterday. As I walked it started out  clear, then it began to sprinkle, then ice pellets, then later in the evening snow. All the while, blustery winds. This is one result of the strong winds. Unfortunately, we have to have these trees taken down. After over 20 years of enjoying them and being graced by their presence. I love trees and these have had everything from Kestrels to racoons nest in them over the years. When my daughter was 6, she rescued baby birds from these trees. They hold many happy memories and it saddens me that they will have to go. At this point they are simply dangerous, plain and simple. Cotton wood, great to plant and fast growing but certain to cause problems to someone down the line. Our house was built in 1868 and I believe whoever built the house, planted these trees. In the ice storm of 1998 they sustained damage and had to be topped. Lesson learned, topping trees is not always a good idea. At any rate, they are scheduled to be taken down sometime within the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll be sure to let you know how that goes and share the experience. This is the middle tree. Originally there were 4. We had to have one removed about 5 years ago.

damaged tree
Strong Winds Wreak Havoc

Through all of this nasty weather, the flowers have shown their tanasity by blossoming anyway. I have such admiration for these daffodils! And yes, those crocus are still at it. When I took this photo, the crocus were closing for the night but they stood tall and proud despite the weather.


On another note, I made my first ever soy pillar candle yesterday. To see this and the process, check out our North Fork Gifts blog at  Please sign up for this blog and also please “like” my blogs and become a follower. I appreciate those that continue to follow my blog. I enjoy writing and wish I had more time. After being on break, it’s back to school for me today!

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Maple Scones Make a tasty breakfast…

Maple Scones

We are very lucky to be able to get our maple products from the Orebed Maple Sugar Shack. These scones use granulated maple sugar, which they have and I put maple crunchies on the top for added flavor. Our Maple scones have been a hit for our breakfasts every time we’ve made them. The recipe will be on our recipe page if you’d like to try making these delicious scones.

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French Breakfast Muffins,Mmmmm…

French Breakfast Muffins

This morning’s breakfast featured French Breakfast Muffins served with St. Lawrence Valley Roasters Baker Road Blend coffee. These muffins have a little bit of nutmeg in the muffin and after baking them they are topped with melted butter and dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Our guests just loved them! Once again, I will be putting the recipe on our recipe page so if you’d like to make them, go for it!

The batter is a little bit different and you need to be sure not to over stir when putting them together. Have fun with these tasty breakfast muffins.

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Baking for Baker Road Bakery

On Friday, the last day of school and graduation, I came home from work and began baking for the market. On Saturdays throughout the summer I plan to be at the Green Market in Ogdensburg,NY. Saturday it rained. The rain really ruins Tim’s coffee labels. Tim left early and went down to the market only to find pouring rain. He had to return home. We plan to be at the market on Saturday July 3rd so if you’re in the area, please stop by. I do want to share what’s going to available so far. Hopefully, I’ll have even more to choose from by the time Saturday rolls around!

Here's the dough ready to go on the cookie sheet.

Here’s the finished chocolate chip cookie dough just before it goes onto the cookie sheet and into the oven to bake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Baking in the Oven

The Finished Product!Frosting a Whoopee Pie

This is the Whoopee Pie spelled the old Maine way, after being frosted. This is what the filling looks like before the top is put on the whoopee pie. Very light and fluffy!

A Filled Whoopee Pie from Baker Road Bakery

Blueberry Muffins and Chocolate Chip Muffins will also be available at the market this week. Hope to see you there!

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