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Absolutely Breath Taking!


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably are aware that I love snow and that I love to ski. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty lucky because I enjoy all of the seasons of the year and rarely tire of winter. I must say though, I don’t really care for rain. Anyway, the snow cover is quite deep now and there’s nothing like the hush that one can experience in the woods when the snow cover is this deep. I saw very litte evidence of animals today. It was very quiet. I always worry about the deer walking through the deep snow and having enough to eat. Today I saw a spot where they had stopped to browse. The heavy snow had weighed this cedar tree down just enough so the deer could browse.

A few days ago I snow shoed my way out around the first trail. It was exhausting! Today, I was so glad that I had done that! I was able to ski out there. If I hadn’t broken trail the other day, today would have been nearly impossible because the snow is so deep. Here, you can see the snow shoe trail and how beautiful it was to look up the trail as I entered the woods.

I was really glad that I had made the effort to break trail. If you look carefully, you can see the  snow covered, snow shoe trail. As I skiied further into the woods, I was taken by the small and large trees and how the gracefully bend with the weight of the snow. They are so beautiful with the sun light shining down through their snow covered branches.

I skiied through the woods and saw no signs of my porcupine friends anywhere. Very few tracks of any kind were visible today. The breath taking part was all in the hush created by the snow depth and continual drop in temperature. As I came around and began to exit the woods and enter the open field, I saw the beginnings of what proved to be and awesome sunset. All that crisp winter air and all of those fabulous colors in the sky. It was wonderful!


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